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What are the maintenance methods of valves

What are the maintenance methods of valves

2021-05-19 10:16

1. Special attention shall be paid to the natural environment of valve storage. It shall be stored in dry and manic natural ventilation room, and both sides of the passage shall be blocked.
2. The valve shall be maintained regularly and the waste on it shall be removed, and the rust inhibitor shall be wiped and applied on its surface.
3. Install the applied valve and solve the problem of timely maintenance to ensure all normal operation.
4. Check whether the valve surface is damaged, and carry out maintenance or replacement according to the condition.
5. Check the damage condition of trapezoidal thread of seat and seat nut, whether the filler is out of date and invalid, and carry out the required disassembly and replacement.
6. The sealing characteristics of the valve are solved and the test is carried out to ensure its characteristics.
7. The valve in operation shall be intact, the flange plate and the anchor bolts on the support frame are complete, and the external thread is of high quality and free from looseness.
8. If the handle is lost, it should be equipped immediately, instead of being replaced by a ripe wrench.
9. The filling screw cover shall not allow tilting or torque free clearance.
10. If the valve is not suitable for natural environment, it is easy to be stained by the waste such as rain, snow, dust and dust, then the valve seat shall be equipped with protective cover.
11. The ruler on the valve shall be detailed, accurate and clear, and the valve lead seal and rebound plate shall be maintained.
12. The thermal insulation and insulation clamp shall be free of dents and cracks.
13. The valve in operation shall be protected from knocking or lifting objects at the support point.

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