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The triple eccentric butterfly valve is paid more and more attention by users

The triple eccentric butterfly valve is paid more and more attention by users

2021-01-12 11:11

The Tritec of Badie Valve Co., Ltd. has a maximum pressure rating of 2500 pounds, a standard diameter of 48 inches, and butt joints, lugs, flanges, ring joints, butt welding, jackets, various structural lengths, etc. All of them can be handled, and because Tritec has a large choice of materials, high and low temperature, various acids, alkalis and other corrosive media can also be handled freely. Especially in terms of large diameter, with its zero leakage advantage, in the shut-off valve, it is constantly replacing the large gate valve and ball valve. Similarly, with its excellent control function, it is also constantly replacing the bulky control valve. Shut-off valve. As a fact, Tritec has so far been used in various important pipelines including China's oil and gas extraction, offshore platforms, petroleum refining, petrochemicals, inorganic chemicals, energy power generation and other major industrial fields such as process control.


Since its inception, the triple eccentric butterfly valve has undergone a process of self-improvement and continuous development in order to meet increasingly severe working conditions. Even if the most basic zero leakage and triple eccentric butterfly valve can be achieved in theory, it still depends on careful design and precise manufacturing. On the basis of absorbing and summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of other brands of triple eccentric butterfly valves, Badie Valve Co., Ltd. has launched its own unique triple eccentric butterfly valve Tritec. Its characteristics are as follows:


1. API specifications As we all know, API609 has actually become the international standard for valves used in important industrial pipelines. Tritec is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the latest 1997 version of API609 specifications. What’s more valuable is that Tritec’s basic design is not limited to only one API specification, but BS5155ANSIB16.34, ASMESECVIII and other major specifications can be matched, which ensures that Tritec is useful in all industrial fields.


2. Double safety structure Tritec strictly complies with API609 specifications, in order to prevent the butterfly plate deformation caused by the influence of fluid pressure and temperature, the valve stem is misaligned, the sealing surface is occluded, and two separate parts are installed on the upper and lower sides of the butterfly plate. The thrust ring ensures the normal operation of the valve under any working conditions; at the same time, in order to prevent unexpected accidents caused by valve stem damage and flying out caused by unknown reasons, two independent designs are designed inside and outside the lower end of the valve. The valve stem flying out of the prevention mechanism, which also guarantees from the side that the pressure level of Tritec can be as high as 2500 pounds.


3. Design of no dead zone. In the design process, Tritec has specially considered the application problems in the field of control and made full use of the sealing principle of the triple eccentric butterfly valve, so that the butterfly plate does not scratch the valve seat and the torque of the valve stem passes through when the valve is opened and closed. The butterfly plate is directly transmitted to the sealing surface, that is to say, there is almost no friction between the butterfly plate and the valve seat, which eliminates the common jumping phenomenon that is common when opening ordinary valves, and eliminates various problems such as friction in the low opening range of the valve. The control failure caused by the stability factor, that is, the elimination of the dead zone (non-sensing zone), which means that Tritec can almost enter the controllable area from 0 opening to 90 opening, and its normal control ratio is 2 of ordinary butterfly valves. The control ratio can be as high as 100:1 or more. This creates good conditions for Tritec to be used as a control valve, especially when the diameter is large, the cost of the shut-off valve is extremely high, in addition, the shut-off valve cannot achieve zero leakage, and it must be used in the working conditions that require emergency shutdown. With a shut-off valve installed on the side of the Tritec, Tritec integrates control and shut-off, and its economic benefits are extremely considerable.

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